I created this community because i feel other communities are too strict with their rules.
I want this to be a place where people with BPD can express themselves and receive support as well as give support.
I hope you enjoy being a member of this community.
Once you join and are accepted then post an introduction so we can get to know you.
Most of the posts are members only, this is to protect our members privacy, but you are welcome to join up.

  • Be respectful of others.
  • If you go into details of things that might trigger other members (self harm, suicide, abuse, ED etc.) use an LJ cut. Mentioning things are fine but details need to go into a LJ cut.
  • Don't post spam.
  • Don't help anyone harm themselves.
  • If you post looking for support you must be willing to accept the support given.
  If I see you breaking these then I will warn you and ask you to delete/hide whatever it is, if you continue to break rules then you will be removed. Generally i won't remove someone from the community without warning, but if something comes up where i need to then i will.

I hope you all enjoy this community.

If you have any questions or anything then PM me.